Touch Typing

Getting along without touch typing is possible. But learning touch typing is usually a big productivity boost, reduces stress and may prevent typical keyboard induced health risks. This article describes some learning approaches and optimization opportunities.

Getting Started

The first thing to learn is to place the fingers in a …

Work-related Movies

This article features a watch list of work related movies. A list for getting some peace of mind in the evening after working overtime.

Each movie has some relation to a pathological work related setting. Not always on the surface, but more on a deeper layer of interpretation.

Some of …

Fedora as Grml replacement

Grml is a Linux Live CD distribution geared towards system administration tasks and other console work. Unfortunately, its development has slowed down in the past years, i.e. the latest stable release is from 2014. In 2017, when dealing with modern hardware, modern features like Btrfs, SELinux etc. this is …

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